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About a year ago Microsoft started rolling out the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge to all the Windows 10 users and by now the “legacy” or “classic” Edge is almost gone from the face of the earth. You may have different opinions about this in the long run (monoculture, etc.) but in the short-term this clearly makes life of web developers easier. Or does it?

While the actual EdgeHTML-based browser is hard to find these days, its WebView engine is deeply ingrained in most native/hybrid Windows 10 applications. …

Studio One has a great feature called Note FX which in a nutshell takes a set of input notes on an instrument track and transforms it to another set of notes that are actually played by the instrument.

For better and for worse Note FX is a proprietary Studio One/PreSonus technology and as a result there are only a handful Note FX plugins available. The awkward thing here is that pretty much the same functionality can be achieved with VST plugins even if it’s not 100% “native” to the standard (as far as I understand). …

Earlier this year when I released version 2 of marker.js I addressed a lot of requests from the v.1 users. One of the recurring requests for v.2 was to add image cropping and rotation functionality. After some thought, I realized that adding this directly into marker.js would complicate it substantially and at the same time won’t be useful to people not needing the image annotation functionality. So, with that in mind…

Please meet CROPRO — an image cropping, rotation, flipping, and straightening JavaScript library for your web apps.

Here are some of the highlight features:

  • crop with either free or…

I’m trying to get back into a morning routine exercising of my “idea muscle” and one of the ways I like to do it is generating ideas for the products and services I use. Today was Netflix’ turn and here are my ten improvement ideas for the service and its apps on TV, mobile, Windows 10, and web.

1. “Absolute” ratings (Rotten Tomatoes, et al)

I understand why they removed (if I remember correctly) IMDb ratings back in the day as it’s owned by their biggest competitor, but the current “98% match” thing is totally useless to me. By all means, use it under the hood for…

Yesterday Reason Studios announced Reason+ — a subscription service giving subscribers everything Reason Studios makes + regular new Sound Pack releases for as long as you pay $20/month.

As expected, there was a lot of negative sentiment from the current users who have paid thousands for their perpetual licenses and upgrades over the years. And according to yesterday’s live stream there was a solid uptake from the new ones on the first day of Reason+ existence.

My vantage point

I don’t know how unique my situation is — I’ve been toying with Reason demos (and ReBirth before that) for many many years but…

My official 2020 discography

A year ago I set out to make my long-time desire into my actual hobby that would fill most of my free time and take my mind off of usual stuff and pure time-wasting.

I’m happy to report that unlike many (most?) of new year resolutions this one stuck and I’m still fully engaged in music-making, learning, sharing.

Here’s a quick summary of what I did over the last year…


I wanted to learn intro-level music theory, develop rudimentary piano skills, and solid production skills.

I must admit I gave up on the piano thing fairly quickly as it just…

The first version of marker.js was released about 2 years ago. Since then it got quite a few updates and a list of feature requests that were hard to implement given v.1 architecture. So, about half a year ago I set out to rewrite marker.js from scratch to be able to realize what people needed it to have. And today I’ve published the 2.0 version of marker.js. Yay!

TL;DR: get marker.js 2 here.

Add image annotation capabilities to your web apps

The mission is still the same — the capabilities are new and extended. Here are some of the core features of marker.js 2:

  • 10 marker types with…

Since I’ve started using Studio One, I periodically see YouTube videos of people using Studio One Remote on their iPads or Android Tablets. I wanted to use it too but I got rid of all of my tablets a while back as they weren’t getting much use. And that would be the end of it.

But I got intrigued with really cheap prices on Fire tablets this Black Friday and went on to research if it was possible to run the Remote on them. Long story short — it’s possible but involves some work.

Then I looked at my touchscreen…

When you start using a new complex piece of software like a DAW it’s always a good idea to begin with a comprehensive structured course. For Studio One I can recommend one by Eli Krantzberg on Groove3. But even the best course can’t cover everything. So, once you are done with your introductory material and know your way around Studio One you enter the phase of life-long learning of new tricks, lesser known features, and techniques.

Here’s a list of people and channels to subscripe to on YouTube for your daily dose of Studio One know-how.

The official PreSonus channel

The official PreSonus channel…

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There was no such thing as “Black Friday” where I live… until there was. And since we all live on the internet it became a phenomenon of global consumerism.

When it comes to physical objects, navigating Black Friday deals wasn’t a big problem for me. If I already wanted to buy something and there’s a real deal on it — I’ll buy it. Otherwise, I won’t. I think, by now I’m quite good in my ability not to hoard stuff and arbitrary deals on random stuff don’t sway me much. …

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