• Wiyono Aten

    Wiyono Aten

    App developer. Mobile. Cross-platform. London. Indonesian origin. NBA fan. Formerly software engineer at Shazam, now Bloomberg Mobile R&D. Opinions are my own.

  • Matt Lacey

    Matt Lacey

    I help people create better apps. Also writing a book about it: http://www.mrlacey.com/book

  • Larry Alan Lieberman

    Larry Alan Lieberman

    Arcane but occasionally useful knowledge.

  • Bowei Gai

    Bowei Gai

    Founder of World Startup Report. Former co-founder of Snapture Labs & CardMunch (now part of LinkedIn). Watermelon enthusiast, accidental dancer.

  • Niko Vrdoljak

    Niko Vrdoljak

    Father, husband, basketball fan, developer, project manager...

  • Hassan Gilak

    Hassan Gilak

    open source explorer

  • Fen Bessler

    Fen Bessler

    Marketing Automation @Pella_News

  • Phil Busch

    Phil Busch

    A 20-something Software Engineer and Community Volunteer. @RotaractMilw member, @MarquetteU & @MUTriangle alum, Engineer for @DematicNA.

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