Well, I can give you my personal anecdotal example from pure user perspective with Windows Store. I went to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February and there was a “perfectly timed” public transportation strike. So, naturally, I started researching taxi app options for the city. Quickly I realized that Uber doesn’t work there and then I just went into the store and typed “taxi Barcelona” into the search box.

I got 2 worthless results (now it only gives one). As a normal user I just thought that, well, there’s nothing for the task in Windows Store and gave up. But as someone who regularly whines on Twitter I did just that. Luckily a fellow Windows phone user suggested that there’s an app called myTaxi that works for taxis in Barcelona. And it’s a really decent app. And you can only find it in Windows Store by actual name or somewhere down on the long list by word “taxi”.

The app has both words “taxi” and “Barcelona” multiple times in their description, but since it serves ~40 cities it can’t put each one of them into keywords or name so it can’t be found by most natural searches for the task at hand (“taxi barcelona” or “barcelona taxi”).

Does this answer your question? :)

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